Senior School Curriculum

The Senior School牛津大学广泛的学术课程旨在帮助学生收集, analyze and synthesize data; state and support arguments; and work effectively with groups of people. Knowing that every person learns differently, Shady Side Academy致力于为每个学生提供一个独特的学习环境. 小班教学使教师认识到学生是独立的学习者,并帮助每个人以对个人有益和适合的方式发展.

From our rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum, each student gains the ability to think critically, creatively and individually. 鼓励学生在最具挑战性的水平上追求自己的兴趣. Advanced courses are offered in all subject areas, and many electives and independent studies are open as additional alternatives for pursuing individual interests. A number of global and off-campus programs 是否可以将学生的教育经历扩展到校园之外.

For complete curriculum information, including course descriptions and diploma requirements, download the Senior School Course Catalog (22-23 PDF).

Download the Senior School Course Catalog (21-22 PDF).