Shady Side Bulldogs Primary Logo

黑暗面学院宣布牛头犬队为其新的吉祥物和球队名称. 21, 2020. Bulldogs are kind and courageous, friendly and dignified, strong and smart, 忠诚和坚韧——这也是AG体育SSA社区的固有特征! On May 28, 2021, SSA revealed its new Bulldogs logos and branding由获奖的运动品牌公司Rickabaugh Graphics设计. On Oct 9, 2021, the SSA bulldog mascot, Blue, made its debut. Learn more about the mascot search and reveal process below!

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Meet Blue!

Shady Side学院的新斗牛犬吉祥物,蓝色,在10月10日的返校节上正式亮相. 9, 2021. Watch Blue's big reveal!

SSA Bulldogs Brand Reveal Video

Mascot Search 2020

从社区的600多个吉祥物建议中,筛选出22个半决赛选手和5个决赛选手, Shady Side Academy announced its new mascot and team name on Dec. 21, 2020 – the Bulldogs!