SSA Farm

SSA Farm at the Senior School

The SSA Farm is an Academy-wide sustainability initiative, with garden plots located at all four Shady Side campuses. SSA农场于2012年诞生于高中校园的遥远田野里, 并于2013年扩展到初中,并于2016年扩展到乡村走读学校. 这个农场融入了PK-12年级的课程和学生生活.

Farm Goals

  • Experiential Learning – To provide unique, hands-on learning experiences for students in multiple disciplines, including science and economics
  • Community -创建一个跨越整个SSA社区的具有共同兴趣的志愿者社区

Interdisciplinary Connections

The SSA Farm curriculum provides interdisciplinary, hands-on, 四个校区为PK-12学生提供体验式学习机会: