College Counseling

The College Counseling Office staff works as a team to help all Shady Side Academy 高级学校 students reach their future goals. AG体育的三位全职大学顾问致力于帮助学生找到“最适合”的学院和大学,以培养他们的能力和未被发现的天赋, while allowing them to realize their career aspirations. Meet our college counseling team.

一对一的大学指导过程从学生大三的冬季开始, 但是大学咨询办公室为高中生和家长提供各种各样的节目和资源. View a college counseling timeline.

AG体育的毕业生继续在世界各地的学院和大学追求他们的激情. See our four-year college matriculation list.

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College Counseling Process

AG体育的学生通过自我探索的过程找到他们“最适合”的学校, reSearch and decision making.

Reflection and self-examination help our students identify their academic strengths, career interests and preferences for living and learning environments.

College reSearch is so much more than any college ranking list. Learning about what 真的 makes one college's program better than another's, 是什么让一所小型学院不同于一所大型大学(甚至其他小型学院),帮助学生们将这些信息与他们对自己的了解结合起来. 这个过程允许他们创建一个“最适合”他们的学校列表,最大限度地找到一个最能满足他们未来四年需求的社区.

Decision making is an important part of the process. 决定在哪里申请和在录取通知书中注册是学生和家长共同决定的. 从长远来看,基于可靠研究的决策更容易做出,也更有意义.

College counselors 在大学Search和申请过程中,为学生提供指导、资源和倡导者. AG体育的顾问有丰富的经验,是一个很好的信息来源, help and support. As important as the counselor's role is, 对于每个学生来说,在研究和决策过程中积极参与和公开交流也是至关重要的. 当辅导员非常了解一个学生,并一直被告知她/他的决定时,他们是更有效的资源和支持者.


"The communication from the College Counseling team has been flawless. They are steps ahead of potential questions and worries. Each student having one designated counselor is so helpful. 辅导员和我女儿之间的关系是无价的. At times when her father nor I could say the right thing to alleviate stress, 她的顾问在那里提供支持,(最重要的是)提供了一个计划,让她坚持下去,并提醒她要深呼吸. With that said, the College Counseling office truly works as a team! 每个辅导员都在我女儿的治疗过程中或多或少地发挥了作用." – SSA Parent, Class of 2020.

College Counseling Blog Posts

对校园蓝调的反思:一位大学辅导员对家长在招生过程中的看法 | 9月ember 2019

By the very fact that your kids attend Shady Side, they have many advantages as they apply to college. They have access to some of the very best resources and facilities, they have teams of adults and peers invested in their success. AG体育感激与您的孩子一起工作,并与您合作,以确保这一过程是一个成长的过程, 反射, 和骄傲. Lauren Lieberman, Director of College Counseling, shares what she hopes you will hold at the center of your thoughts, feelings and conversations as you guide your students.

Discussing Financial Aid | 2018年4月

There can be some anxiety when discussing finances in regards to college. 这是个私人话题,一般不会在家庭之外讨论. As college counselors, AG体育的主要目标是支持学生和家庭完成整个过程, and this includes financial aid. 如果家长预测大学的标价太高,他们就需要一些指导. 大多数家庭都乐于分享他们的财务状况——这可能会让人不舒服, 但他们知道这是大学入学过程中必不可少的一部分,希望消除任何潜在的障碍. R筒子,更.

How Did Your Early Round Go? | 12月. 2016

全国各地的大学辅导员几乎每年12月都会被问及这个问题, as the Early Action/Early Decision results are released. As a college counselor for more than a decade in independent schools, I’m taken aback each winter by this question. What is it that people are 真的 asking? 我的回答总是“很好”,而人们的回答则是“不,真的,你的第一轮表现如何??” 阅读更多.

Our 夏天 Vacation | 9月. 2016

While the pace of summer is certainly slower, 在夏季的几个月里,AG体育代表学生和AG体育的职业的工作是活跃和忙碌的. This is when we spend time visiting schools, developing our network, 并以一种不那么正式的方式把Shady Side发生的一切美好的事情传播出去, through conversations and fun! 阅读更多.